Greentech Naturals products are best and most amazing I have ever used, cleared up son’s severe Eczema, highly recommended, best customer service, prompt answers to emails and messages, very helpful, friendly and very kind. I am very satisfied customer. I will be passing along this company to many.

Shannon Belcourt, Saskatchewan

Hi there, I thought it was imperative for me to send you a message telling you that your customer service is by far the best I’ve seen from any product supplier I have associated with. I order many supplements, food, clothing and many other items from all over the world, including locally and I have never experienced such an exceptional service. You more than exceed my expectations, so thank you very much!
Besides that, I love your curcuma-D3!

Erin Fancey, Chesternere, Alberta

I’ve had a long battle with eczema on my hands, specifically along the sides of my fingers. It got so bad at one point that the skin would actually split from the blistering, become so dry at the finger joints, worsen/bleed from scratching, and then develop deep gashes that were extremely difficult to heal. Like many others, I depended on hydrocortisone (steroid) creams to relieve the inflammation. But once I stopped, the eczema would eventually act up again, sometimes coming back even worse than before. I’ve tried many types of creams and lotions for eczema and irritation, including Aveeno and XeraCalm, but after several uses the eczema would always prevail — again, sometimes hitting back even stronger.

I’ve been trying the EczeCare cream for the past 3 days by recommendation from a friend, and I’m already feeling the benefits. It has an instant “cooling” effect on the inflamed/blistered areas of the skin while simultaneously moisturizing the dry patches. With a lot of the creams I’ve used in the past (like those mentioned earlier), I’d usually feel the urge to scratch again within just a few hours. With EczeCare I didn’t I experience that.

I’ve been applying moderate amounts on my hands just before bed, and I haven’t yet woken up in the middle of the night scratching my hands like before – so that was my first indicator that something must be working. Additionally, the inflammation/redness has gone down, gashes have slowly begun to heal, and I’m hoping that it’ll only continue to get better from here.

If anyone reading this has had a similar experience to mine, I definitely recommend giving EczeCare a try. Thank you, and good luck to all!

Sandra Pham, Edmonton, Alberta

I’m a Registered Nurse from the United States and I own Holistic nurses. We are practitioners of natural medicine and want to use products that we trust and that we are proud to stand behind. The Greentech antiseptic ointment is an outstanding product. We have had great success using this to relieve itching and pain associated with genital herpes. This product was used on the face and did not cause any breakouts or skin irritation. We tested this product on our dog for skin infection and found it to be safe. We selected Greentech products because we feel they are world class products, backed by the experts and independent research and provide a level of purity and integrity that is difficult to find in the United States.

Rachel Celler, RN Founder and CEO Holistic Nurses, USA.

Hi Nir, I wanted to let you know how much I like your Oil of Oregano product “Curcuma Oregano”. I have used other Oil of Oregano products and I find yours works better. I take Oil of Oregano if I am feeling a bit under the weather and I find, it is a great immune booster. I have been a fan of Oil of Oregano for a while however your product is better than any of the others that I have tried.

Lana Hunnie, Kelowna, BC.

“I first heard about Greentech Naturals through a work colleague and decided to research what products Greentech Naturals made. The product that I was most interested in was the EczeCare. This is because I suffer from severe eczema on both my hands and wrists. My eczema is so bad that my skin cracks and bleeds from being so dry. I have spent hundreds of dollars on hand lotions and even tried steroid based creams to try and overcome my eczema. But, regardless what I tried my eczema would slowly come back…. Until I tried using Eczecare, within the first 24 hours I noticed a difference. And with in a week, my eczema was gone.EczeCare was the first product I have ever used that has overcome my Eczema. Thank you Greentech Naturals!”

Daniel Paul, Kelowna, BC.

Greentech’s Antiseptic Cream is an amazing cure all for skin irritations and wounds. My cuts heal quicker, and insect stings are cured of their itch – which is significant for me as I am allergic. This is the first product I have found that works without leaving my sensitive skin with a rash after use. I neglected to pack mine with me this last week end when I went out of town and was in agony after getting stung!

Erin Nicholson, Kelowna, BC.

I was recently taking Accutane, a harsh acne medication with many side effects. A few months into treatment, I began developing circular dry patches on my hands, the skin was thick and scaling, as well as slowly increasing in circumference. After trying many conventional medications, all of which failed to alleviate my symptoms, I had given it up as an untreatable side effect of Accutane. However, lucky for me I brought my ailment to the attention of Dr. Sharma, who gave me two creams to try, the EczeCare Cream and PsoriaCare Cream. Incredibly, only a day after my first application of the PsoriaCare cream, my skin had visibly reduced scaling and the itching was completely gone. Within a few days, my scaling dry skin had all but vanished. I continued using the PsoriaCare cream throughout my Accutane treatment and did not experience another break out of skin irritation. Truly a wonder cream, thank you Dr. Sharma!

Marisa Okano, Kelowna, B.C.

A while back you had dropped off some samples and I gave your EczeCare to a friend that has severe Eczema in her ears and has not been able to find relief from the pain. The first day she tried it she said it took the swelling down almost instantly and she is so very thankful for your sample. She said she has spent hundreds of dollars over the years looking for something that would help her and your product is the only thing she is fully 100% satisfied with… so on her behalf. Thank You for the sample you left here. Regards.

Diana Jureskin, Vancouver, BC.

“I have been using this cream for quite a few months now. When I have a flare-up, I immediately apply the Psoria-Care Cream and it seems I get instant relief. I have had psoriasis all over my body my entire life – scalp, legs, arms, back – you name it! I’ve moved back to the lower mainland and the psoriasis is much worse than it was in the sunny Okanagan. This is the only product so far that has worked for me. I’ve used all sorts of harsh creams and ointments, but none that have been so natural and effective. Thank you Dr. Sharma!”

Brandon B, Agassiz, BC

You may recall a number of months ago you gave me a small jar of your Eczema cream –EczeCare as my granddaughter was suffering from same. Recently our latest grandchild, a 11 month old boy also developed Eczema. My daughter in law tried several creams etc and then remembered she had some of your cream. She applied it to the affected area and next day it was entirely clear! She was amazed! You obviously have a great product in your cream, thank you for sharing it with my family. We will continue to use it when needed!! Best regards.

Eric Rentiers, Kelowna, BC.

Hello Dr. Sharma! My 1 year old had a horrible rash all over her entire body that was extremely itchy and uncomfortable for her.  After visiting her doctor, pediatrician and hospital we were at a loss as everyone said there was nothing they could do.  We were told it was a form of eczema that typical creams are not recommended for, to just give her plenty of baths and it would last 2 weeks to 6 months.  I felt so sorry for my little one as she just could not help scratching, which would make it bleed.  I finally brought her back to the pediatrician and this time he did give us some cortisone cream to use, however I was hesitant on using cortisone on my babies delicate skin.  I was telling my story to Dr. Molly and she recommended EczeCare, and even gave me a small sample to try.  I tested it on a small area on her back and after just one day her rash looked better in that spot.  So I started applying it all over and after four days her rash is significantly better and she rarely ever scratches.  We still have a few problem areas but this has been ongoing for a long time now.  I feel so much more comfortable using an all natural product on my baby.  Thank you so much Dr. Sharma!

S.Grassmick, Kelowna, BC.

I have used Greentech Herbal Heal ‘Psorion’ Ointment and ‘PsoriaCare’ cream made of natural ingredients for over six months. I have had psoriasis for over twenty years and have used many allopathic and natural ointments to alleviate formation of scales, and reduce itching but with little consistent positive results.  I am pleased to report that the Greentech Natural’s Psorion Ointment and PsoriaCare cream have been the best products I have used.  It nearly eliminated scales, significantly reduced itching, and my skin is quite smooth where the psoriasis is evident primarily on both legs.

Murli Pendharkar, Kelowna, BC

I have had eczema my entire life. I live in the sunny Okanagan and while all my friends look forward to our great summers I dreaded them. The heat and swimming made my skin raw. My mom got some samples of EczeCare from Dr Sharma (Greentech Naturals) and I started using the cream on an outbreak and it worked right away. The best thing was it relived the itching so I could sleep without having to use harsh products that are very hard on the skin. Thanks Dr Sharma

Adrienne H, Calgary AB

Thank you Greentech Naturals for giving us back our family summers! When my 4 year old daughter first started to show signs of eczema at the very early age of 8 months while we were on a family vacation at the lake everything changed so quickly. Our two other children, boys, 6 and 9 years old had never had problems with swimming and heat but our daughter had terrible breakouts all summer. Even swimming lessons at the local pool proved to be a nightmare with all night itching and open sores. Our doctor put her on steroids and cortisone cream. Although it settled the outbreaks down a bit we felt so uncomfortable with the long term effects of the steroids. We found out about Greentech Natural’s EczeCare through a family friend and felt we had nothing to lose even though every other natural product we used had no results at all. It was a miracle and on the one side of her body we tried the EczeCare she had immediate results. We went to the local wave pool and had NO breakout for the first time. This past summer we went to the lake 7 times and our little girl swam all summer with no breakouts as long as we applied the Eczecare after every bath following a swim. Now we all jump off the dock together and go to bed happy! Summer is back in our lives because of this amazing cream!

Kelli.J. Calgary, Alberta