Our Story

The Idea

The idea of developing natural products came to our mind one day several years ago when my wife and I were visiting a friend. That evening he told us that he had been dealing with Psoriasis for the past 20 years. He had consulted many doctors for treatment as well as used many different topical drugs, but to little avail. Since my wife and I are biochemists, each with over 25 years’ experience in the research, development and formulation of therapeutic products, he requested us to try and make some herbal medicine that could relieve his symptoms. We knew that formulating and developing a Psoriasis topical ointment would require considerable research and would not be easy. Moreover, we had no facility for conducting the necessary research. At the same time, we wanted to help him, and so we enthusiastically devised a plan to make it happen.

Making it happen

It took almost a year to equip our simple home laboratory and buy the necessary herbs and botanicals required for our research. First, we mined the scientific literature to build a library of information on the healing properties of medicinal plants, then screened plants and extracted ingredients in their natural form. After almost two years of effort, we succeeded in selecting and combining the best healing ingredients to make an effective ointment for Psoriasis.

We gave this ointment to our friend and asked him for feedback, which he provided regularly. His feedback helped us to improve the product and eventually we developed a formulation that was most effective in controlling his symptoms of Psoriasis. It not only made his skin soft and smooth, but also stopped scale formation and itching. Our friend noted: “In the last 20 years for the first time I have found a product which is very effective and has provided me great relief from the Psoriasis problem”.

His response inspired us immensely and encouraged us to help other people who were also facing similar problems. We made more samples and distributed them to other individuals suffering from Psoriasis. Everyone who used our ointment gave a very positive response.

As news of our products spread, more friends and relatives came forward with their health problems. We continued our research to develop products for other skin problems, and today we have a range of natural and pure herbal topical salves such as Psorion, PsoriaCare, EczeCare, PainCare and Herbal Anti-septic cream.

None of our products contain parabens, mineral oil, hydrocortisone , coaltar, or any kind of animal-based material: all the ingredients used are purely derived from plants.

Our Research Centre

The centre is exploring flora from all over the globe for their medicinal value, and undertaking research on plants and their active components in order to formulate and develop innovative herbal health and beauty products on science-based principles. The core idea is to explore the abundance of nature and apply a scientifically validated approach to heal in a very natural way. Some of our topical herbal products have already been approved by Health Canada, and we have received Natural Product Numbers (NPN) after rigorous scientific scrutiny. Our products are regarded as completely safe.

Several years ago our friend started us on this journey when he asked us to develop a treatment for his Psoriasis. Now we are able to help many other people who are in need of these natural products, and we hope to reach out to many more in the near future. The story does not end here; you can also join this journey, not only to heal yourself, but to help others do the same.

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