About US

Greentech Agri-Bio Product Research Center is fully devoted to exploring the power of healing, cure and beauty out of nature’s abundance. We conduct research on plants, plant parts and their active ingredients to find medicinal value and create formulations (using green chemistry) to develop unique herbal health and beauty products.

Our products are free of harmful chemicals and it’s side effects as we believe in finding solutions through natural elements of the environment.

Our research team of highly qualified and experienced scientists have taken  special care to extract the natural ingredients in the most pure (using green technology) form keeping intact all the original characters of the substance that are used in the product formulations.

We evaluate and compare each of them based on previous use in history and master the concept of new formulations in a more innovative and scientific (based on clinical studies and trials) way. We bring out better, refined and the most cost effective natural / herbal products.

All our natural / herbal products are branded as: GreentechNaturals and have our logo on them.

Our product range includes natural / herbal Medicinal, Cosmetic and Oral health  products.


Our Medicinal Therapeutic Products include:

Herbal EczeCare Dry Skin and Eczema Cream, Herbal PsoriaCare Cream, Herbal Antiseptic Ointment, Herbal Heal Psorion Ointment, Herbal PainCare Ointment.

Only on custom orders – Herbal Psorion Ointment Stick, Herbal PainCare StickHerbal ItchCare (Anti-itch Lotion), Natural NailCare (Anti-fungal Nail Ointment), and Natural FootCare (Heal Crack Cream).


Our Cosmetic / Turmeric Products include:

Turmeric FaceGlow, Intensive Dry Skin Care and UnderArm Whitener

Only on custom orders -PigmaCare (Skin Whitening Cream), FaceCare (Face moisturizing Cream), WrinkleCare (Anti-Wrinkle Cream), and AcneCare (Anti-acne Cream), Turmeric Face Mask, Turmeric BodyCare, Turmeric FootCare, CurcuTone (Turmeric Skin Toner), CurcuAge  Serum (Turmeric Anti-aging Serum), Curcumin SkinBright (Turmeric Skin Brightner) and Turmeric LipCare.


Our Turmeric Health Care Products (Supplements)  include:

 Curcuma D3 – Vitamin D3 blended with Turmeric- Oral Drops ( Family pack 200 IU/drop)

Curcuma Oregano- Oregano Oil blended with Turmeric – Oral Drops

CurcuVita – Vitamin D3 blended with Turmeric – Oral Drops ( 1000 IU/drop) Only on custom order.

Our research team is also working on developing natural organic products of topical / oral applications and these products will be launched soon in the market.

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