Sandra Pham, Edmonton, Alberta

I’ve had a long battle with eczema on my hands, specifically along the sides of my fingers. It got so bad at one point that the skin would actually split from the blistering, become so dry at the finger joints, worsen/bleed from scratching, and then develop deep gashes that were extremely difficult to heal. Like many others, I depended on hydrocortisone (steroid) creams to relieve the inflammation. But once I stopped, the eczema would eventually act up again, sometimes coming back even worse than before. I’ve tried many types of creams and lotions for eczema and irritation, including Aveeno and XeraCalm, but after several uses the eczema would always prevail — again, sometimes hitting back even stronger.

I’ve been trying the EczeCare cream for the past 3 days by recommendation from a friend, and I’m already feeling the benefits. It has an instant “cooling” effect on the inflamed/blistered areas of the skin while simultaneously moisturizing the dry patches. With a lot of the creams I’ve used in the past (like those mentioned earlier), I’d usually feel the urge to scratch again within just a few hours. With EczeCare I didn’t I experience that.

I’ve been applying moderate amounts on my hands just before bed, and I haven’t yet woken up in the middle of the night scratching my hands like before – so that was my first indicator that something must be working. Additionally, the inflammation/redness has gone down, gashes have slowly begun to heal, and I’m hoping that it’ll only continue to get better from here.

If anyone reading this has had a similar experience to mine, I definitely recommend giving EczeCare a try. Thank you, and good luck to all!

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