S.Grassmick, Kelowna, BC.

Hello Dr. Sharma! My 1 year old had a horrible rash all over her entire body that was extremely itchy and uncomfortable for her.  After visiting her doctor, pediatrician and hospital we were at a loss as everyone said there was nothing they could do.  We were told it was a form of eczema that typical creams are not recommended for, to just give her plenty of baths and it would last 2 weeks to 6 months.  I felt so sorry for my little one as she just could not help scratching, which would make it bleed.  I finally brought her back to the pediatrician and this time he did give us some cortisone cream to use, however I was hesitant on using cortisone on my babies delicate skin.  I was telling my story to Dr. Molly and she recommended EczeCare, and even gave me a small sample to try.  I tested it on a small area on her back and after just one day her rash looked better in that spot.  So I started applying it all over and after four days her rash is significantly better and she rarely ever scratches.  We still have a few problem areas but this has been ongoing for a long time now.  I feel so much more comfortable using an all natural product on my baby.  Thank you so much Dr. Sharma!

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