Marisa Okano, Kelowna, B.C.

I was recently taking Accutane, a harsh acne medication with many side effects. A few months into treatment, I began developing circular dry patches on my hands, the skin was thick and scaling, as well as slowly increasing in circumference. After trying many conventional medications, all of which failed to alleviate my symptoms, I had given it up as an untreatable side effect of Accutane. However, lucky for me I brought my ailment to the attention of Dr. Sharma, who gave me two creams to try, the EczeCare Cream and PsoriaCare Cream. Incredibly, only a day after my first application of the PsoriaCare cream, my skin had visibly reduced scaling and the itching was completely gone. Within a few days, my scaling dry skin had all but vanished. I continued using the PsoriaCare cream throughout my Accutane treatment and did not experience another break out of skin irritation. Truly a wonder cream, thank you Dr. Sharma!

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